Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Chinese Medicine Helps Turn Breech Babies

Acupuncture is a safe non-invasive drug free way to move through a healthy pregnancy. Acupuncture is useful for morning sickness, constipation, dizziness, heart burn, aches and pains, labor induction, and assisting in turning a breech baby. In Europe many women see an acupuncturist for mother-warming which helps condition and nourish the body after pregnancy and delivery especially for energy depletion, depression, and lactation.

A patient recently came in because her baby wasn't in the proper position, not quite breech: transverse. Burning a moxa stick over urinary bladder 67 (the lateral side of pinky toe nail) can assist the baby in turning on its own. Watch the video below for a better understanding of what is done during this treatment. On this occasion the patient reported sensations of the baby moving during the treatment and was sent home with her own moxa stick to continue. The baby did turn after a few days and she came back for one more treatment, this time to induce labor. The next day she called to cancel her appointment from the hospital because she was in labor.

This video shows some simple yoga postures you can do at home to help your baby turn if in the breech position. Remember to honor your body and what feels right for you.

Sarah Zender LAc

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