Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Lower a Fever with Acupressure

Children and Acupuncture

Kids are so resilient. If you've had success with acupuncture as an adult think about how much quicker your child-size body would have responded and how many years of discomfort and dis-harmony you could have eliminated. Luckily, acupuncture benefits all ages and we can start wherever we are.

With children in mind, I'd like to share a simple acupressure technique for lowering fevers. This is very helpful when babies are teething or if a fever is getting higher than you might feel comfortable with.

ZhongChong or PC9, is located on the tip of the middle fingers. Not only can it help with fevers for children it also can be used for night time crying. This point is also used to restore consciousness.

Firmly squeeze or massage PC 9 (tips of the middle fingers) for 1-3 minutes on each hand. Depending on the size of the finger I might even massage the entire finger and "nip" the tip of the middle finger. Nipping is done by placing the finger in between your index and middle finger squeezing gently and pulling off. You'll know your doing it right if you hear a little pop as you nip. This point can also be bled in order to clear heat.

What are your natural remedies for lowering fevers?

Sarah Zender LAc

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