Saturday, December 12, 2009

Planting Bamboo

I took an excellent anusara yoga class last Friday at Tribalance ( p.s. if you want to try out the studio pop into our office for a free class pass.

The instructor ended class with a story of planting a bamboo seed. His image was meant for aspiring yogis but the message is pretty universal.

Did you know that when you plant a bamboo seed you must water it everyday for 5 years? In all of this time of diligently watering your bamboo seed nothing happens, or appears to be happening. Then one day a tiny sprout will shoot up from the earth and in 6 weeks time the bamboo will grow 90 feet.

Harriet Beinfield LAc and Efrem Korngold LAc OMD compare the body in "Between Heaven and Earth: A Guide to Chinese Medicine" as a garden and your acupuncturist as a gardener vs western medicine being more like fixing a machine with a mechanic. Acupuncture helps to achieve balance for the whole system not just specific "parts." The goal is to remove the root cause of imbalance not just the symptom. Healing is a process and it takes time. Think of Acupuncture as planting that bamboo seed, watering and nurturing it consistently. Somedays it may seem like nothing is happening or changing because the work is happening underneath the surface. The "all of a sudden" growth can be thought of as a long, healthy life.

Watch Whole Health Acupuncture's new youtube video, planting the seeds to help you grow!

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