Sunday, December 27, 2009

New Years Resolutions

Its that time of year of reflection where people start making resolutions. Having a goal is a good thing and I have always found that being successful in achieving my goals meant being accountable. I don't think that its important to make resolutions just as the new year approaches, in fact I think that sometimes this gives us an excuse to slack off for awhile with the excuse that I'll get to that goal with the new year. The trouble sometimes is that the excuse to start the goal can last longer then the motivation to get started.

I've found that goals should be S.M.A.R.T

S= specific

M= measurable

A= attainable

R= realistic

T= time bound

I've taken a jump start to my new year's resolutions and I write them down here to be held accountable. I'd like to be more consistent with practicing what I preach to my patients as taking care of my body allows me to have more energy to devote to helping others and feeling better at the same time. It is my intention to practice this goal for the next 3 months so that it is not overwhelming and will become a part of my routine and lifestyle and not just a kick I can maintain for a short period. I will work out at the gym 2 times a week and attend one yoga class per week for the next 3 months. After this time I can reevaluate what my free time looks like as well as how I am feeling.

I am week 2 into my resolution and I can tell you that I already feel better, have more energy and feel calmer. This is the incentive to continue on for me.

This coming week I have the entire week off from the office. I plan on using this time to really cultivate some energy as the next few months will be full of teaching at College of Lake County, teaching yoga at St. Emily's and soon Sundays at Tribalance as well as treating patients at Whole Health Acupuncture. I will be doing this in the form of 7 yoga classes in 7 days at Tribalance in Schaumburg ( feel free to join me, I can give you a free class pass and if you've never been they offer plenty of ways to make commiting to yoga affordable.

I invite you to share your smart goals for the new year. Leave a comment below and we can hold each other accountable for our best year yet.

Sarah Zender LAc LMT

Whole Health Acupuncture 50 Turner Ave Elk Grove Village IL 847.357.3929

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