Tuesday, March 30, 2010

How Do I Know What's Working?

This blog could be metaphorical for many aspects of life in the interest of simplicity I'll try to stick with health and healing.

Having good health doesn't mean luck, genetics, or spending hours at the gym. While these components might be part of good health they are not the essence. You might instead think of good health like a recipe. If one ingredient is not added or another is added too much it will change the entire outcome, perhaps causing the recipe to taste too salty or the dough not to rise. If the heat is too high or not high enough and the timing is off the recipe could be overcooked, undercooked or burnt.

Recipe for health AKA Balanced lifestyle might include:

> colorful diet

> movement (exercise is such a dirty work)

> sleep

> clean living and work space

> positive thoughts (what you think about you bring about)

> enjoyment of life and loved ones

Acupuncture is part of a complete system of healing. Some aspects a practitioner uses to assist you in maintaining optimal health and others are up to you to incorporate into your daily life.

> acupuncture
> tui na (massage therapy)
> herbal therapy
> diet therapy (food as first medicine)
> qi gong
> meditation
> feng shui

Many times when patients come to our office they are worried about taking herbs and doing acupuncture at the same time. Their rational is how will I know what is working? Sometimes patients can go to a larger extreme and not want to mix western and eastern medicine. Instead of this getting in the way of assisting the body in healing it might be the missing link. In Chinese Medicine we are looking at the whole body using a complete system to assist the body in healing itself. Chinese Medicine is also complimentary medicine and can assist with western interventions especially with negative side effects of fertility treatments and chemotherapy.

While its never smart to change every aspect of your life all at once for long term success it is important to look at the big picture. Think of balance like a pendulum. If you are out of balance to one side, moving too quickly will only cause imbalance in the opposite spectrum. Slow and steady brings us to the center. Starting with acupuncture, herbs, and making recommended lifestyle changes slowly so that they become habit might be the key to long term health.

Sarah Zender LAc

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