Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Years Resolutions II

In light of being held accountable I'd like to follow up with a previous blog New Years Resolutions. My kick off to the New Year was 7 yoga classes in 7 days. I was a little nervous about completeing it as it was going through New Years Eve week and I had family coming into town. I'm happy to report that I did indeed complete 7 yoga classes in 7 days as well as teaching my regular Monday yoga class. I'm even happier to report that I am feeling really great. :)

The second part of my New Year's Resolution was to make it to the gym 2 times a week and a yoga class in addition to the yoga classes I teach and my hectic work schedule. I've made it to the gym once so far this week.

I'm always amazed at how packed the gym is in the first month following the New Year's. What happens to that "resolution" as the year unfolds? As most people's New Year's resolutions involve physical goals I like to share a stat from Dr. Oz I recently caught on his show.

"Your endurance level at 67 years old is the same at 17." Dr. Oz.

What's more is I found this stat in Essential Lifestyle "According to Dr. Moira Fordyce, a geriatrician at Stanford University School of Medicine, longevity is based 30% upon our genetics and 70% on lifestyle choices." Let me rephrase so this can settle in How well you take care of yourself is more important than your genetic make up. You are in control of the grace with which you age.

So what can you do that is realistic to the life you manage?

Moderation is key.

As much as you can prepare your own meals. In the long run this is easier on your budget, tastes better and is better for you. Stay away from boxed meals, eat foods that are alive! At the end of a long day it might seem like take out is quicker and easier however cooking a healthy meal at home might even be quicker then waiting in a drive through line or the delivery man. The biggest key here is planning. Crock pots are a great tool in the winter months to have dinner waiting for you. Spending one day to prep your meals for the week is also helpful. Find what works for you. Let eating out become your exception rather than the rule.

Take a vitamin and mineral supplement. See Do You Know What Are In Your Vitamins blog to find the best brand. Usana Essentials is the best supplement I've ever taken. Think of this as investing in your health and what you will save in perscription co payments later.

Stay active. This doesn't mean you have to spend hours and hours at the gym everyday. Participating in a moderate exercise program can lower your risk for many common diseases and help you recover faster when you do get sick. Individuals who maintain an active lifestyle can also benefit from stronger bones, reduced joint and muscle pain, improved mobility and balance, lower risk of falls and serious injuries and slower loss of muscle mass. Instead of thinking of exercise as something you have to do get involved in an activity you enjoy. If you are a gym junkie take up a group program. Your community will keep you motivated as the new years resolution begins to wan.

Here's to our healthiest year yet!

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