Monday, January 11, 2010

Apple Test Results

The results of the apple test are in. If a picture is worth a thousand words I wonder what the smell of an apple is worth? The pictures do the apples justice but the smells of each apple were most striking to me.

Apple Before and Afters:

Apple and Water before and after:

Apple and Trader Joe's Vitamin before and after:

***This one didn't turn black which I found interesting according to Tyanna our vitamin rep she has never not seen the other apples go black(GNC, Walgreen generic, centrum). What was striking about this apple is that it smelled the worst, rancid.

Apple and Shaklee Vitamin before and after:

Pretty shocking eh? I didn't even want to touch this one to throw it in the garbage. yuck.

Apple and Usana Vitamin before and after:

You can see from the picture that the apple still looks pretty good. Again the most striking thing about this apple to me was the smell. It smelled like it has just been sliced crisp and refreshing and the feel of the apple was still firm when I threw it away.

*** I consulted with Tyanna at the end of the apple test. She normally leaves the containers open and lets the apples oxidate. The vitamins dissolve and the apples change in 6-12 hours. I kept my containers sealed so I don't know if that would have changed the results at all perhaps the apple in water would have been more brownish like it normally turns after sitting out for awhile.
Let me know what you think. If anyone does an apple test with their own vitamins please let me know how it goes.
Sarah Zender LAc LMT
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