Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Acupressure for Sea Sickness

Long before I knew anything about acupuncture or eastern medicine I was just a bratty kid who hated spending weekends on Lake Michigan. Aside the fact that other people might see me with my parents (gasp!) I would, without fail, always get sea sick. Nothing seemed to help me overcome my queasy-feeling weekends. That is until my mom found sea sick bracelets at a drug store. Although I had no idea how that could possibly help, I figured it couldn't hurt.

The bracelet basically looked like a sweat band with a plastic ball sticking out of it. The directions stated to put the band with the ball pressing into the skin a few inches from the wrist crease. What was amazing was that it worked. I also found interesting was that the ball had to be pressing in just the right spot or it wouldn't work. Even better, after some time I no longer needed to wear the bracelets because the water didn't seem to have that same queasy effect on me anymore.

So what was that mysterious place in my wrist that took my tummy troubles away? Its an acupuncture/pressure point called PC6 or in Chinese "Neiguan". It is located in between the tendons about 4 finger breaths from the wrist crease. Its great not only for sea sickness but also morning sickness when pregnant, any kind of tummy troubles, palpitations, hiccups, or when feeling dizzy, anxious or stressed.

Sarah Zender LAc
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