Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What is Community Acupuncture?

Occasionally new patients are slightly nervous about the idea of receiving their acupuncture treatment with other people receiving treatment at the same time. This blog will help to calm your nerves and get you more excited about being a part of a community.

There are many activities in your daily life that you may participate in where others are receiving a similar service at the same time as you. Here are a few examples:

>> When you eat at a restuarant you may eat alone or with the company of others with people (strangers even!) at tables near by enjoying their meal as well.

>> When you travel alone or with company chances are you may sit next to another passenger on the same flight, train or bus that you might not know.

>> When you work out at the gym you may run on a treadmill next to someone you may or may not know on a treadmill right next to you or wait your turn to use a weight machine. If you like instructor lead exercise chances are your yoga mat or step box will be near other people also there for a work out that you might not know.

>> When you get a haircut all chairs are in one open space and everyone can see everyone else getting a hair cut and heaven forbid even in those silly caps or foils!

>> Pedicures are often done in a communal space with chairs close by your neighbors.

>> If you've ever gone to a swimming pool or beach during the summer time you've also shared the sun and water with others.

>> Many cancer treatment centers have rows of chairs lined up where patients receive chemo therapy at the same time.

All of these examples have a lot in common. They are places where people are, places where community can be developed, new friends can be made, or for some are places of sanctuary and rest.

When you think about a restaurant where would you rather eat: The place that is full of people or the place where all of the tables are empty?

Have you ever tried to work out alone and found that just being in the gym motivated you to push yourself a little harder then if you were at home alone doing it?

The same is true of community acupuncture. The more people resting at the same time the better treatment everyone receives based on the same principles of the gym example. Everyone is there for the same reason, to feel better! A community environment fosters a healthier environment for everyone.

Think about any time you've tried to make positive changes in your life. Its a lot easier when you are surrounded by people that are supporting your efforts rather than people trying to persuade you to give up. Even if you don't speak to the people receiving acupuncture with you doesn't mean their presence doesn't offer support or your silent presence doesn't offer that same support.

The community acupuncture model also helps us keep our costs down. A sliding scale that you choose to pay on seems crazy sometimes to people who are used to paying a lot of money for health care (or just about anything). The sliding scale is a symbol of your commitment to your health and also a way to break down a barrier to your ability to live a quality life. When money is less of an obstacle the only thing holding you back is your ability to show up. We all know that 90% of success in anything is just showing up. We are consistently amazed with the results we see for a variety of ailments when patients stick to a treatment plan and show up. Acupuncture is cumulative, the more you do it, the better it works and with just about anything in life its more fun to receive it with others!

Sarah Zender LAc

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