Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Cortisone Shots: What You Might Not Know

Many people that come in to Whole Health for acupuncture are here as a last resort. They might have tried everything else or are hoping that acupuncture will be the magic bullet that can prevent surgery or other invasive modalities.

For most of these people acupuncture offers the relief that they are looking for and they are able to prevent surgeries and improve their quality of life. Often times patients are working with both eastern and western medicine. There is value in both practices and many times using acupuncture with conventional medicine is in fact complimentary.

What you might not know, that I recently relearned with a patient, are the potential side effects of cortisone shots.

What I also found interesting in my search for these side effects is that it seems many doctors are not educating their patients of potential risks with procedures.

Cortisone helps to relieve inflammation in the body and it is not a pain killer. Pain can subside with cortisone shots if the pain is being caused by inflammation. Pain is an useful tool. It is a signal that something is not working properly and is alarming you or this imbalance.

Possible side effects of cortisone to be aware of:
(visit here for a more in depth understanding)

>>Cortisone flare ups (where pain will increase in intensity)


>>Facial Flushing

>>Spikes in Blood Pressure

>>Increase in blood sugar with diabetic and pre-diabetic patients

>>Atrophy of the muscle around the shot site

>>Tendon ruptures especially the Achilles tendon

For more information about Cortisone read this very informative article by Dr. Weil here.

What patients are saying about their experience with cortisone shots on the web.

I want to use this as a disclaimer that I am not bashing western medicine. This blog is meant to be informative. Whether you are working with your western doctors or other health care practitioners it is important to make sure you understand the benefits of your treatment as well as possible side effects. Ultimately you are in control of your body and any treatment you wish to receive.

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