Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Whole Health Acupuncture Offers Solution For Health Care Crisis

Whole Health Acupuncture has recently implemented community style acupuncture on a sliding scale.

What exactly is community acupuncture?

Community Acupuncture is how acupuncture is practiced traditionally in Asia with several patients resting together at the same time. At Whole Health Acupuncture we have two community rooms with zero gravity reclining chairs. Your acupuncture treatments are tailored to your individual needs and you rest comfortably in your recliner with other individuals that are also receiving acupuncture. This system allows us to reach more people in need of health care and keeps costs down. We find in this way people are able to go into deeper states of relaxation because of the security of other people in the room that are also relaxing. Much the same way you would work out at a harder intensity in the gym vs working out alone at home.
Community Acupuncture also allows those that are nervous about the idea of needles to bring a family member or friend for moral support.

Community Acupuncture's intention is to empower You

In the West most acupuncturists treat one patient alone in a treatment room and sessions last 15-40 minutes and can cost anywhere from $65-150 a session. At Whole Health Acupuncture we find that many patients' bodies are not finished processing their session in 20-30 minutes and leave feeling fatigued instead of energized. With Community Acupuncture you determine when your treatment is over. Patients rest anywhere from 20 minutes-90 minutes depending on what their individual needs are. This fosters body awareness so that patients start to pay attention to their own body's needs.

Whole Health does not require proof of your financial situation. You choose the cost of your treatment ranging from $15-50. Each time you come in you may pay the same fee or a different fee depending on what works for your budget. What you pay for treatment does not change the quality of care. Acupuncture is most effective when done consistently over a period of time and can assist with just about any health condition from the common cold, headaches, PMS, depression to cancer recovery. Community Acupuncture on a sliding scale allows Whole Health to bring safe, effective healthcare to everyone on every budget. We are sensitive to the fact that illness and pain does not disappear when the economy is down and believe that illness is not just the absence of disease and prevention is not just early detection. Acupuncture can improve your quality of life, give you an outlet to manage stress and be used as preventative medicine.

"American's healthcare system is neither healthy, caring or a system." Walter Cronkite 1993

It is the goal of Whole Health Acupuncture to assist patients in becoming healthy and staying healthy. The practitioners of Whole Health Acupuncture went to school to serve the community with a 5000 year old tradition of effectiveness that is non invasive and without the side effects and dangers of drugs and surgery.

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